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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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that lincoln was killed, it appears she was in her 20s. a man inside was taken to the hospital with a serious injuryj. two others in the car appear to be okay. there was a passenger in the bmw, go away. chp officers would like to find him and talk to him. i did ask if this raises questions about pursuits? he said, no. there were no unusual circumstances. no high risk. he said it happened so quickly they started pursuing this car and one minute later, it crashed many people traveling on 580 if you exit 98th, eastbound, this area is still blocked. you won't be able to get through. police think they will be here for another hour or so. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we'll stay in oakland for developing news. violence has taken the lives of three people this morning. two were killed in a shooting
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on mead near san possible low -- san pablo. no word on what led to the violence or if there are any suspects in either case. el cerrito police revealed two officers shot a man they say was pistol-whipping a woman at a gas station, chevron station on poe row last night. somebody called -- they arrived at the scene and encountered a dangerous situation shots were fired injuring one adult male. that male is at the hospital no other suspects. no further threat to this community. man is listed in critical this morning. the contra costa county district attorney's office is leading the investigation.
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authorities have identified the man who was shot and killed by walnut creek police officers. a story we brought you yesterday morning. the contra costa county coroner's office says he's 22-year-old anthony banta, jr.. they say someone was screaming in the background of the 911 was shot and died on the scene. pittsburg police investigating a shooting in the parking lot of the bay point bart station. sky 7 hd was overhead 7:00 last night, 18-year-old was shot several times and taken to the hospital with life threat anyone injuries trains were delayed for 45 minutes. friends of a novato man who jumped into a creek to escape police three days ago are fearing the worst. yesterday's search for anthony donaldson ended with no sign
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of the 23-year-old. he was seen jumping into the frigid water early monday morning. police stopped him for possible dui, he got out of the car and ran. officers chased him along side the creek until he jumped in. oakland's city leaders reaching for help to stem growing crime right, plan calls for consulting with veteran law enforcement officials from los angeles and boston, it includes a return to neighborhood policing with five districts drawn. state senator jerry hill of san mateo will introduce a bill to require repeat drunk drivers to blow into a breathalyzer before they hit the road even if sober. would it require ignition devices on vehicles after a driver's second conviction. the device requires a breath sample before the engine can start. right now it is up to the
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court to decide. expect to see more officers on bay area streets tonight through new year's eve. the chp and other law enforcement agencies are cracking down. they are setting up dui checkpoints in the north bay, south bay and peninsula, starting 6:00 through monday night. it is 4:35. high school senior faces possibility of being expelled after writing a poem that alarmed some at her san francisco school. the 17-year-old attends life learning academy. her poem talks about the shooting in connecticut. she red her poem and explained what she sees as its -- meaning to alan wang. why are we oppressed by a dysfunctional community of haters and blamers. and the meaning of the poem is talking about society and how i understand why things like that incident happened. it is not like i'm agreeing
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with it. but that's how the school made it seem. >> she often writes dark poetry she didn't turn this poem in but her teacher found it, then shared with it the principal. the academy issued a statementmñ saying the academy takes a zero tolerance an rope to violence and the threat of violence -- >> gunshots in sonoma county say sales are up following this month's massacre in connecticut. this morning reports buyers are snatching up weapons used by shooter lanza. sales have -- one store claims its sales are up, four to five times higher than usual during you won't need to dig for exact change or any change. the system is offering free rides all day on bus and
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capable cars. it is to celebrate muni's 100 birthday. the first line started at geary and concern any in 19 -- and kearny in 1912. the fare then was five cents oh inflation. we want to check in with mike on the weather. >> high clouds increasing, saw a halo around the moon on the way in that was cool. we have a little fog around novato visibility quarter of a mile. let's break down this friday, cooler start, 30s and mid 40s, by noon in the mid to upper
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40s mostly cloudy even a few sprinkles. 4:00 light rain. closer to the coast more likely you are going to get light rain most of us should have light rain by 7:00. next three days, showers to start saturday morning by saturday afternoon, partly cloudy and dry, as we look towards sunday chilly start top out in the low to mid 50s and then we'll have a lot of sun monday temperatures in the low to mid 50s. here's a look at traffic. good morning. in oakland police activity, that in a second. right now bay bridge very, very light no problems, no metering lights nothing on the upper diagnostic no unusual incidents light -- upper deck, no unusual incidents industrial, clawiter, flat section up and over highrise into foster city everything looking good there. police activity 98th at
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stanley ongoing investigation you want to avoid that intersection it is blocked off. otherwise roadwork eastbound dumbarton bridge until 6:00, couple lanes blocked only one lane getting by eastbound in san mateo south 101 3rd avenue to 92, couple of lanes blocked with construction that until 5:00 this morning eastbound 580 ongoing construction as well only one lane getting by greenville to north flynn, westbound looking good. 4:39. next, disturbing trend in the big apple. apparently being pushed in front of an oncoming train. no deal in sight to avoid the fiscal cliff. we'll tell you how president obama is pushing forward as the clock ticks. >> first this morning's tech bites. in today's tech bites, getting a present
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from shoppers, good review, survey puts amazon at the top of the list where it has been the past eight years. big jim in americans reading e-books, re-- research finds 16 and older red -- print reading drops from 72% down to 67%. salary of time cook dropped by 99%, his 2012 compensation 4.2 million dollars, far cry from the 378 million last year. steve jobs' famously collected a dollar a year. >> for the first time in its history voting for oscars online some voters are complaining the system is confusing and worried it could be vulnerable to
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good friday morning thanks for joining us. you are looking live from emeryville at the bay bridge dry so far this morning chilly you want to bundle up, 40° in the east bay 4:43 breaking news from new jersey, three officers wounded after gunfire erupts inside a police station in gloucester township. wpvi reports authorities say three officers in the hospital severive their injuries is unclear. no word on what led up to the shooting. stay with abc news we'll have updates. on the east coast new york city police spent the night looking for a woman who killed a man by pushing him into the path after oncoming train. new york city police sayúf=? ts just released footage shows the woman, the attacker moments after the man was
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killed by a train in queens. witnesses told detectives the woman followed the man closely and mumbled to herself before shoving him. this is the second time in a month someone has been killed -- has killed a subway patron by pushing them into the path of a train. hero of the first gulf war has passed away in florida. norman schwarzkopf died after suffering complications from mu mean -- pneumonia he was 78-years-old. he was a highly decorated combat soldier in vietnam known for his close system . -- former president george h.w. bush is likely to remain in the hospital over the weekend. bush has been hospitalize since last month following a
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bout with bronchitis was transfered to the icu last weekend because of high fever. >> president obama is scheduled to meet with top congressional leaders in the oval office with the fiscal cliff deadline rapidly approaching. congress is cutting it close to avoid the fiscal cliff yesterday senate majority leader harry reid blasted speaker boehner for letting lawmakers go on vacation. house makers are not due back until sun -- house lawmakers are not due back until sunday. boehner said the house will take action on whatever the senate can pass. all the early season rain and snow we've been getting has water experts optimistic about california's water supply. the storms have replenished many reservoirs snow has
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increased snow back to nearly 150% of normal. >> partial supply in the barn either in reservoir storm or snow pack. however, it still depends on the remainder of the season 2/3 of the wet season is still let. >> snow pack runoff normally provides cal with a third of its water supply. more -- more water on the way. >> this storm is so close to the coast it probably won't get snow in the sierra. good morning. because the storm is so close to the coast we have a high surf advisory be detail out there, dangerous rip currents as the storm passes today through tomorrow. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais this morning on san francisco you can see the embarcadero center still
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illuminateed. live doppler you can see over the ocean where we are tracking light rain now, probably not making it to the ground yet undercut by dry air bringing cool conditions. temperatures 5 to 12° cooler than yesterday. i had frost on the car this morning. how about you eric? >> yes, sir. >> there you go. both of us had frost over in the east bay definitely getting frosty even though concord is 36, livermore 34, subdivision it is cooler. mid to upper 30s most of the north bay, upper 30s redwood city, san jose, 41 oakland, 45 san francisco, monterey bay upper 30s. gilroy 34. salinas and monterey low to mid 40s. cool start today, increasing clouds, light rain develops this afternoon.
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showers to start tomorrow morning, by the afternoon, it will be dry and that drying trend will last sunday through tuesday. no big warming trend, just temperatures close to where they should be in the 50s. high pressure west, high pressure east, trying to divide and conquer, spinning a lot of energy trying to breakthrough, and shove this off to the east. because this is stronger now, i think the front is going to stay out over the ocean for the better part of the morning hours. by noon, sprinkles, especially in the north bay, as we head towards 5:00, light rain starting to move in. moderate to possibly heavy rain out over the ocean near the coast by 10:00, then you can see low rotating to our south overnight with scattered showers snow level 3,000, possibly 2500 feet, snow
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on hamilton tomorrow, scattered showers through noon, gone by saturday afternoon near the coast or san francisco up to a half to 3/4 of an inch the farther you are inland less likely you will get decent rain. tomorrow the coolest day in the forecast, low 50s, mid 50s with drying trend sunday through tuesday, next chance of rain wednesday and thursday. live look at golden gate bridge crews picking up roadwork, trucks headed northbound, still down to one lane southbound and one lane northbound concrete barriers are being picked up, i don't see too much traffic now. be forewarned that should be picked in the next 20 minutes. east shore freeway 80 westbound not bad drive, light past university into the macarthur maze. bay bridge toll light. roadwork out there san mateo south 101 between 3rd avenue
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and highway 90 two a little slowing due to roadwork picked up -- by 6:00 this morning in oakland 880 between embarcadero to high, both directions roadwork various lanes affected until 5. coming up, how one east bay city is going back to its old ways to lure new officers to its force. east meets west. local marching band
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good morning many live look at san francisco from sutro tower dry, 45° average this time of year. mike will have your detailed forecast coming up. the antioch city council hoping newn will entice veteran identifies
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to join its police force. the contra costa5b. times repors the council voted last night in fair of reinstating benefits that were scaled back. public safety officers will be able to retire at 50 at 3% of their final year of pay by the years of service. officers can retire five years earlier than before. neighbors can voice concerns over closing of four fire stations during meetings in contra costa county. the fire protection district decided to close the stations after voters rejected a temporary parcel tax in november. closures affect stations in clayton, lafayette, martinez and walnut creek. the meetings will start january 7th, in lafayette, a week before the first closures take effect. 24 other stations will remain open. this morning a san jose high school band will rehearse one final time before heading
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to southern california this afternoon to perform in the tournament of roses parade. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> san jose's valley christian high is not only marching in the parade but the first band to team up with performers from another nation, high school in beijing, before yesterday the only time the two groups met face-to-face was on a visit to china that valley christian made in april. the school provided this video the two bands have been practicing for more than a year. while language is a barrier, music is the common denominator. >> very excited about the opportunity, the challenge is the limited rehearsal time that's what we are doing. >> you can watch the valley christian-beijing fusion ban and the rest of the parade new year's day, 8 a.m. right here on abc7. we want to get a check of the weather with mike. sunshine was beautiful yesterday, but bisque still, i
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was cold. >> frosty this morning -- but brisk, still, i was cold. as we head into the afternoon clouds on the increase, sprinkles to possibly light rain in the latter parts of the afternoon. 52 san francisco and santa rosa, 54 oakland san jose 51 concord, any snow or rain mainly north during the around snow shower possible in tahoe going to be dry and 31, 39 yosemite, down south mostly sunny low to mid 60s san diego, palm springs and l.a.. headlights headed past marin ymca towards the civic center into san rafael light no problems stall farther
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north south 101 petaluma at lakeville highway partially blocking right lane not seeing slowing according to the sensors. eastbound roadwork 580 greenville to north flynn, three lanes blocked one lane getting by until 9:00 this morning. eastbound dumbarton bridge one lane getting by until 6:00. 4:56. tense moments for passengers onboard a southwest airlines flight from oakland to las vegas. flight 4316 left oakland yesterday afternoon the pilot reported engine trouble before landing and some passengers say they saw flames shooting out of an engine shortly after the flight touched down. south wet could not confirm that part of it -- southwest could not confirm that bart but brought from a different plane for continuing leg to denver. the coast guard and national -- changing shipping lanes traveled by 20 cargo vessels and cruise ships
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should prevent fatal collisions between the ship and endangered whales that feed in the area. at least five whales were killed this way in 2010. the changes will be implemented in june. apparently it is going to take more than an erupting volcano to make people leave their hopes in nicaragua. the volcano began spewing ash and steam hundreds of feet into the air on christmas family, 300 families have been told to evacuate, several are staying put. next, we continue to follow breaking news, latest on chp chase that ended with an innocent bystander being killed. end of the free ride for sunday dryers in san francisco. new policy for --
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good morning. 5 a.m. on friday i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. we had frost was it enough to whip out the ice scraper? >> no, but close. thicker frost inland good morning high clouds coming in now trying to stop that frost from forming but late. clouds have moisture in them mainly over the water for the morning hours you can see the high clouds on the increase. you need a heavier coat this morning, mid to upper 30s inland, upper 30s redwood city, 37 los gatos, half moon bay 39.


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